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Moray Firth Dolphins

The Moray Firth dolphins are an important part of many tourists’ holiday. Not surprisingly, dolphins are often people’s favourite animal with their intelligence, beauty and apparent sense of fun. The opportunity to see the Moray dolphins in their natural habitat is compelling. This independent guide sets out to give some information about dolphins and where to see them.

There is no guarantee of success with dolphin spotting. They are wild and there are relatively few of them. That said, with time, patience and effort there’s a reasonable chance of seeing the Moray Firth Dolphins but allow for a few visits. This guide names some of the best places along the Moray Firth Coast to try and spot them but if you don’t see them you’ll find some wonderful fishing villages, places and beaches.

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Best place to see the Moray Firth Dolphins

So where’s the best place to see the Moray Firth Dolphins? It’s Chanonry Point, Cromarty, near Inverness. Sightings of the Moray Firth Dolphins are highest in the Chanonry Point area because it’s a favourite spot for dolphins to find food. Then there are a number of locations where dolphins are fairly regularly spotted, these are Kessock Bridge and Fort George near Inverness, and in Moray at Burghead, Hopeman and Spey Bay. However, remember you can spot dolphins all along the Moray Firth Coast and also take a dolphin boat trip. The Moray coast is not only famous for bottlenose dolphins, but also harbour porpoises and even whales, especially the Minke whale.